Ruth and Larry Kurlandsky

Life Long Learning's Co-Chairs


One of the many TBY membership benefits is the ability to participate in the Life-Long Learning (LLL) programs. The meetings are offered throughout the year, some in the evening and others as “brown-bag” luncheons. The meetings provide opportunities to participate in discussions about Judaism - religion, culture, history, customs, the arts. The sessions are led by Rabbi Fred Raskin. What a wonderful way to have questions about Judaism answered, even as new questions arise.


During the year 2016-17, there are two series of Life-long Learning opportunities going on.  One is Text & Trends:  we’re studying first century Judaism, based on essays from the book The Jewish Annotated New Testament.  This series is open to any congregant who is willing to read the essays as assigned in order to participate in the discussion. (Contact ruth.kurlandsky@gmail.com for the list of readings.) Intermittent Wednesdays at 10:00 am; see schedule.

The other series is called Discuss & Deliberate.  We cover all kinds of different topics, and love to hear from people about what they’d like to discuss.  This group meets on intermittent Wednesdays, usually at 7 pm, but January and February sessions will be at 11:30 am; bring your lunch if you wish.  See the schedule for dates and topics.

Upcoming Events:

Text and Trends:

          January 18th, February 1st, March 1st, April 19th and May 17th.

Discuss and Deliberate:

          January 11th 11:30 AM Adventures in YiddishLand with Elliot Palevsky

          February 22nd 11:30 AM Emerging Anti-Semitism: at home and abroad

          March  22nd 10:30 AM Creation/Evolution: Either/Or?, Both/And?

          April 23rd 2 PM Nazi-Hunters with author Andrew Nagorski

                                           [co-sponsored by Social Justice Committee]

       May TBD